The Oslo Writers’ League has published five anthologies; the first two were released on Norway’s national day, the 17th of May, the first in 2013, the second in 2014, the third was released in October 2015, the fourth in November 2016 and the fifth in October 2018. They are available in both paperback and ebook formats from all major online retailers. A small number of paperback copies are also available locally (kr100 for previous years, kr150 for the current year), so if you live in the Oslo area and would like to purchase a copy, please contact us. All profits and royalties from the first two books will be donated to Utdanningshjelpen, a Norwegian volunteer organization offering scholarships to children and young people in developing countries, and the profits from the third and fourth to Save the Children. Proceeds from the 2018 anthology go to Dråpen i Havet.

In Darkness and Light (2018, Grimbold Books)

In a country where night and day are only in balance for a short time each year, the contrast between darkness and light takes on new meaning. The stories, poems and essays in this book explore the long shadows of short days, the pinks and greys of dawns and twilights, and every shade cast by the dance between light and darkness.

We also include a story from Trude Jacobsen, General Secretary of Dråpen i Havet, the charitable organisation this book supports. Trude shares the true story of how her solo journey to see the reality of Europe’s refugee crisis with her own eyes became a grassroots organisation that has provided supplies, care and hope to thousands of people fleeing conflict in their home countries. Alongside Trude’s story are personal messages from two of the children Dråpen i Havet has helped, Khawla and Jamal.

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Some Shape of Beauty (2016, Grimbold Books)

This year’s themes were “journey” and “metamorphosis”:

A journey is a walk in the woods. It is a flight across the world. It is a descent into darkness, and it is the desperate scrabbling of clawed hands determined to reach the light. It is a tiny rowboat on a crystal lake and a sailing ship wildly tossed at sea. It is a war to end the world as we know it, and it is a small, many-legged creature marching across a leaf.

Every story is a journey. Every journey brings about change. And every change can, if we let it, become a metamorphosis.

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These Twisted Roots (2015, Grimbold Books)

In this third anthology from the Oslo Writers’ League, we have drawn on the themes of Wild and Underground to bring you some of the most diverse writing in both style and genre that we have gathered together to date; each piece is as unique in its interpretation of these themes as the autumn leaves that carpet forest floors, or the snowflakes that spread over Oslo like a cloak in the winter. From personal essays and poetry to short stories and speculative fiction, we will not tell you to which theme each piece belongs, but will rather let you wander through our collective wilderness and turn over the rocks, seek the hidden tunnels and passages, and journey where you will.

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All the Ways Home (2014, Grimbold Books)

Adventure, safety, love, peace: people who travel the world seek out these things—and once they find them, some never go home again. It may be a conscious choice, or perhaps an inevitability, but the experience never fails to leave its mark upon the traveller.

All the Ways Home is a collection of short stories, essays, and poetry written by we who have chosen lives far from home, we whose paths stray from the well-trodden, and we who look in all directions for answers. Written to the themes of Identity and Crossroads, our stories and poems examine what makes us who we are, and how our choices affect the direction our lives take.

Oslo Writers’ League contributors are: Audrey Camp, Saroj Chumber, Sari Cunningham, Evelinn Enoksen, Mieka Ryley Farrell, Zoë Harris, Srividya Karthik, MJ Kobernus, Maddie Lama Sjåtil, Gisèle Le Chevallier, MaTT Loughlin, Alice Ludvigsen, Anna Maria Moore, Chelsea Ranger, Kirstin Reed, Espen Stenersrød, Mauricio Ruiz and Bree Switzer.

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North of the Sun, South of the Moon: New Voices from Norway (2013, Grimbold Books)

Six degrees south of the Arctic Circle lies the city of Oslo. Though the sun both rises and sets here all year round, life is not without its challenges, especially for expatriates and those with their hearts in other lands. We must accept the darkness in order to appreciate the light.

A woman struggles to free herself from a tainted relationship…
A man takes it upon himself to atone for the racism in his own country…
An office worker accepts the violent consequences of embracing his true nature…
The shadow of a man falling past a window changes everything for another man who has given up hope…

North of the Sun, South of the Moon: New Voices From Norway is a collection of short stories, essays and poetry written by those who have chosen a life of extremes: darkness and light, isolation and camaraderie, the familiar and the foreign. These evocative, poignant stories offer a nuanced look at the complex experience of adapting to life in the north.

Oslo International Writers’ Group contributors are: Audrey Camp, Evelinn Enoksen, Zoë Harris, Anna Maria Moore, Chelsea Ranger, Mauricio Ruiz, Bree Switzer and Brian M. Talgo.

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