August meeting summary

By on 31/08/2017, in Meetings

August 2017

Readings and introductions.

Anthology update

The 5th anthology has been suspended, to be released in 2018. Submissions will be open until the end of 2017; those who have already submitted something they’re happy with can keep their piece under consideration, and these pieces will be read and evaluated first. We discussed the idea of running a workshop for those who might need some help polishing something up for submission.

Discussion topic

The anatomy of a scene/story.

We’ve talked about this topic a bit before, but in this meeting we looked at a specific structure and talked about how we felt about highly granular planning.


Prompt. Write for 10 minutes on the theme: “I suck at _______”


Polish up this writing exercise and bring it back next month to read aloud.

OR, try using the scene or story structure we discussed and report back.

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