May meeting summary

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May 2017

Readings and introductions

Anthology update

We decided to extend the submission deadline by one week to see if we get enough to run the book this year. If not, we will postpone launching the book until 2018.

Discussion topic

Carving out time and finding energy. We discussed:

  • What are your biggest time-sucks?
  • What are your biggest distractions?
  • How many of you are demotivated by fear that you will mess up your idea? How could we get over that?
  • What has worked for you when you’re struggling with motivation/energy?
  • How do you get started?
  • What bearing does ‘the mental load’ have on your ability to write?


Write a story from an ending prompt: the ending is “But they lived happily ever after anyway.” You can either write the story backwards with the intention to read it in chronological order afterwards. Or, write it so that it reveals itself backwards. Or, write beginning to end simply knowing where it’s headed.


Polish up this writing exercise and bring it back in June to read aloud.

photo credit: Gwenaël Piaser * via photopin (license)