April meeting summary

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April 2017 — attendees: 9

General pre-meeting discussion on dwindling attendance and whether or not changes are needed.

Anthology update

Submissions due 31 May, 2017.

This year, the editors will read all submissions and will either accept or decline according to whether the work is can be revised to the quality we expect, within the time we have.

To offer support to less experienced writers, it was proposed that we begin planning for the 2018 anthology in tandem with producing the 2017 anthology. This would mean that writers have almost a full year to work on next year’s submissions, with the potential for critique sessions and workshops between now and close of submissions 2018.

We also discussed this year’s book launch, and agreed to try to secure the main library as a venue again this year. Planning will start earlier in order to drum up interest and reduce stress for the organizers.

Discussion topic

We began by discussing three books or authors that inspire us. From there, we took the discussion further to think about how we, as writers, might focus on our readers and how we could inspire them. We discussed the positives and negatives of a reader-focused approach to writing.


To follow from the reader-focus discussion, we each wrote a short scene with the specific goal of pleasing or inspiring an individual or group/demographic. Afterwards, we discussed how it felt, the difficulties, challenges, and whether or not we felt it was something we should do more often.

photo credit: anno.malie Urban reader I via photopin (license)