October Meeting

By on 02/11/2015, in Meetings

The October OWL meeting was held on Thursday, 29th October. Here is a brief summary:

The launch event was a resounding success with lots of positive feedback from attendees. Thanks again to Bree Switzer and Dagsangerne på Sagene for their fantastic performances, and to everyone who read, sold books, and tended bar. So far we have raised around kr17.000 for Redd Barna, with more expected in the lead-up to Christmas.

This month, we brainstormed for next year’s anthology themes, on which all members can vote using this surveyOnce the themes are decided, we will also brainstorm and vote on a title before we start work. Each writing format for the 2016 anthology will have a sub-editor/mentor, and members will have the opportunity to work in groups with their genre peers under the guidance of a group mentor. The groups will likely be: Non fiction, Literary fiction, Speculative fiction, Poetry. Mentors have not yet been selected.

This year’s “Christmas” party aka the Annual OWL Book Thief Dinner will be in January, either the 14th or 15th. More info on this to come.

NaNoWriMo has begun, and we discussed our hopes, plans, fears and challenges. Of particular use was this plotting and planning exercise from a previous meeting.

We listened to and critiqued a poem, then rounded off the evening with an exercise to write a log line or elevator pitch for “the worst story in the world”. Lots of fun.

November’s meeting will be arranged soon, but will be chaired by someone yet to be nominated. Zoë will be relaxing on a beach in Australia. #sorrynotsorry