A New Home

By on 25/08/2015, in Meetings

For the past two years, OWL meetings have been held at Café Fedora in Frogner. But the group is growing, and with each anthology we publish, we receive a wonderful influx of new members. Over the past year it has become increasingly clear to me that we are outgrowing the café, but I had no idea where else we could meet. I began to look at paid spaces, which would have forced us to charge members to attend meetings, but the risk of low attendance getting us into financial trouble was too great.

I contacted a number of cafés, bars, public spaces and event locales, all to no avail. It seemed impossible to find a central, quiet, private space that wasn’t going to cost us an arm and a leg. Until I read that the Majorstua library was introducing a swipe-card system allowing library members to enter after hours. Thinking this might be something we could make use of, I contacted Deichmanske Biblioteket, the public library management in Oslo, to ask if there was a space big enough to hold our growing group. But when Karen from Oslo Kommune returned my call, she had something else in mind . . .

I met with Karen last week, and to my delight, we were each as excited as the other about an OWL/Deichman collaboration. Not only is the library willing to let us meet at the main library after hours, they are also terrifically excited to host the launch of our next anthology (more details about this to come). We talked for over an hour about all the things we could do working together, and Karen had some fantastic ideas. Over the coming months, we will be working on a number of events, lectures, readings and so on with the Deichman team, all of which will be free for the public. I’m very excited about the possibilities this collaboration presents us with.

But for the time being—as of Thursday, 27th August, 2015—OWL meetings will be held in the Nedre Sal at the Hovedbiblioteket right in the centre of Oslo. Meetings are open to all existing, new and potential OWL members, so please do come along. 6:30pm-9:30pm, no writing experience necessary. For more details and regular updates on our projects and meetings, please join our Facebook group here: www.facebook.com/groups/oslowritersleague