June 2014 meeting

By on 16/06/2014, in Meetings

The June meeting will be our last before taking a break for summer. The next meeting will be at the end of August.

Date: 17th June, 2014

Time: 6:30pm

Place: Frogner Park

This time we’ll be meeting in Frogner Park, somewhere on the left of the rose garden in Vigeland’s Park (if you’re facing the monolith). It will be a more casual meeting than usual, and you will need to bring your own picnic food/drinks/blankets, etc. You’re welcome to bring your family, partner, friends before 7pm, after which we’ll start the meeting.


  1. Announcement of next year’s anthology themes.
  2. An overview of the new website.
  3. Announcement of a new project for members.
  4. Readings (if anyone volunteers)
  5. A fun writing exercise for willing participants.

Please indicate your attendance by joining the Facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/654190491322826/